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Get to know Sawboss - Jason Kloss - The voice of Klosski Sings

An unapologetic love of music

Jason Kloss has been known to make noise with more than one musical instrument. He started out with a guitar, singing along and trying to play every Johnny Cash song he ever heard. In later years, he was asked to join a band that already had 3 guitar players, but no bass. That began many years of playing bass guitar in that and several other bands over the years. The pull of old country music and rockabilly led him to the upright bass (not a cello, though he has recorded cello tracks for one band back in the day...) He is currently playing with the Rebel Country band - God's Outlaw as upright bassist and backing vocals. WAMI nominated best upright bassist 2023. 


Our Clients Say

The picture on the left speaks for itself.

Sarah - North Lake Bear Trap

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